The Diaries of Adam and Eve

            Within a small book, published in 1906, Mark Twain in The Diaries of Adam and Eve”, hides deep meanings in plain sight.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of misconception:

  • two names
  • two perspectives on life
  • two trains of thought
  • two modes of action


            Adam and Eve start off in the Garden of Eden. After their fall, they are cast away. The irony is that the fall brings about clarity and growth.

            The two entities develop separate, yet together.

One cannot be without the other.

Adam’s attempt to get away from Eve, makes him realize that the separation strengthens the closeness.  


It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam or Eve


  • more practical, direct, inclined to seclusion rather than togetherness
  • doesn’t need to name things just to understand the world around him
  • is superficial and that’s more than enough
  • bases everything on logic and doesn’t accept theories without arguments
  • fights to resist Eve
  • questions her way of life
  • questions everything she does and says
  • wants to get away, yet seems curious about what’s happening in his absence
  • seems cruel, at times
  • doesn’t seem to have internal worries or doubts
  • doesn’t take initiative, yet, is very good at criticizing
  • gives meaning to everything around her
  • builds bonds
  • names things
  • defines colors and feelings
  • longs for closeness
  • strives to please 
  • is curious
  • doesn’t accept reality as it is but as it can be
  • searches constantly even when there is nothing left to be discovered
  • doesn’t seem to get tired
  • seems happy just to take care of others


             His meaning in life is just being.

Her meaning is justified by what she is and does for others.

He lives to serves his purpose.

She lives to serve a purpose outside of herself.

Eve is another “Martin Eden”, searching for perfection outside of herself.  


Same situations, different diaries

Each one of them thinks they are right, while the other is wrong. About everything.

One doesn’t and cannot evolve without the other. It is only through separation and closeness that they discover their potential and thrive.

The very separation in ideas and feelings brings them together.

Their diaries are about their transformation as individual entities. Developing separate is what brings them together. 

The book is full of life and love, desires, and strives for perfection. 

The Garden of Eden is not a physical place. It’s the Garden they discovered in each other. 

Adam: “Wheresoever she was, there was Eden!”

It’s you!


How wonderfully clever Mark Twain proves to be when writing this book. Playful, yet meaningful; short, yet full of lessons; simple, yet, more complicated than it meets the eye.



Adam and Eve

Take a good look in the mirror!

Both Adam and Eve are the facets of our own lives.

Beyond gender and beliefs, we are both Adam and Eve.

Sometimes you’re unsatisfied with everything life has to offer you.

Other times, you are grateful for what you have.

One day you’re pushing everybody away, thinking that alone is the way to go. The other you crave human interaction, and cannot stand to be alone.

At times, you take things as they are.

Other times, you question everything under the sun.

Today you’re superficial, tomorrow you’re philosophical.

One day you can barely speak two words, the other nobody can shut you up. 

When it comes to us, we are more indulgent. 

When it comes to the other, we are more critical. 

Adam and Eve are:

strong and weak, separate, yet together.

Beyond the appearance of a diary, we find the meaning of human nature: complicated, confusing, searching, questioning, living life while learning or learning while living.


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The diaries of Adam and Eve




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